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7 - 10 november 2023  
Laboratório da Torre and Batalha Film Center 

From the 7th to 10th of  November, laboratories Mire (FR) and Cratel-lab(ES) will be in Porto to present their works and research  around analog cinema devices. The presentations under SPECTRAL project context will take place at Laboratório da Torre and  Batalha Film Center. Mire is an association based in Nantes, France. Crater-lab is an artist-run lab based in Barcelona, Spain. Both structures are dedicated to the promotion, research and production of experimental cinema.

At Laboratório da Torre, MIRE and Crater-lab will, in sessions for members of the Laboratory, present research and experiments with analog devices and produce creative workshops of filming and of ecological development. Crater-lab also presents a performance and an installation in a public session in the space of Laboratório da Torre, 08/11, at 19h15.

At Batalha Film Center, Mire presents seven recent works – one expanded cinema performance and six short films - made at the Laboratory. A programme dedicated to chromatic explorations, research on the materiality of film and connections to the environment, in an artisanal - sometimes even punk - approach. Crater-Lab will be screening three recent short films made by members of the lab. The programme focuses on color printing experiments, primitive techniques, hand developing and structural conceptions in both traditional and innovative ways of approaching analog possibilities, regarding corporal and landscape explorations.