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21.12.2023 | 19h15  | BATALHA FILM CENTER 

Part of SPECTRAL, a European project between six independent analogue cinema laboratories, Challenging the Cinema Room is a programme dedicated to collective research into the qualities, possibilities and limitations of the conventional cinema device. In 2023 it features the performance “Intra Protocol”, by Sally Golding with Matt Spendlove and the presentation of the results of Primal Light #3 residencies, currently under development at Laboratório da Torre. 


Intra Protocol occupies and enlivens the audiovisual systems of communal spaces and audience bodies, delivering deconstructed compositions in the form of a ‘happening’. Triggering corporeal sensations and making tangible pure actions of light and sound, the performance is in conversation with the broader context of expanded cinema and sound system culture. In this live performance, the artists explore the technical apparatus of cinema and club spaces– manipulating the elements of projected light, speaker arrays and lighting rigs as a form of experimental audiovisual composition. The performance is a practice of repurposing ‘social architecture’, thinking about the cinema or club as a constructed environment that shapes andconditions our behaviours and responses. This piece moves between traditional cinematic tools and the ‘microcinema’ of personal devices. The composition becomes a communication protocol, or a script, for a new expanded cinematic interface. An experiment in revisioning and representing a performance across time and place by Sally Golding and Matt Spendlove (aka spatial), the work takes on the form and occupies the space in which it is enacted. Intertwining dubbed-out broken sonics, monolithic nebulous screens, and shifting light fields – Intra Protocol plays with anticipation to use the venue – and the audience participants themselves – as acreative and collaborative device.

Sally Golding is an Australian-British artist based on Ngunnawal land in Canberra, creatingimmersive audiovisual performances, participatory installations and creative-critical writing. Herwork considers participation and liveness in immersive environments; art as a mechanism forshared experiences; and dialogues examining the role of the artist, audience and gallery within newtechnological contexts.  -

Matt Spendlove (aka spatial) is an artist from London who creates immersive installations,audiovisual performances and sonic artefacts. Across these situations he explores spatialambiguity, structural form, waveform materiality and the illusory contours of psychophysics.


Batalha Film Center
21 december, 2023 - 19h15 - “Challenging the Cinema Room”

Apresentação dos resultados das residências Primal Light #3
“Imagem Latente”, Juliana Julieta
“Artifício I - VI”, Leonor Guerra
“ p~r~o~j~e~c~t~o~r”, Miguel Tavares

Sala 2
“Intra Protocol”, Sally Golding and Matt Spendlove

Free entrance. The ticket is unique for the event “Challenging the Cinema Room”. It starts at the bar, by 19:15, for the presentation of Primal Light #3 residences and continues in Room 2 with the performance “Intra Protocol”.